No Film School

Our project was to go onto the no film school website and find an article that spoke to what we have been doing in this class. I decided to go with an article called Never Ask for Permission: Alexander Payne’s Seven-Step Filmmaking Crash Course. The article talked about some important things to consider when taking the risk of making a film or just in general taking risks. The main ideas brought up were to be open to new possibilities, don't snooze and lose, savor what you know, value editing and writing, make scrambled eggs (take what you have and make something even if it isn't what you originally planned, find joy in pain, and lastly to not ask for permission. I learned that professionally everyone should be willing to take new risks and be able to take action for the goals you set. The author talked about how it is important to let whatever happens happen and be okay with it. The process of film making is hard and very difficult and it is never the same. In the future I wa…


What i've learned over the past 4 years- When I was little my friends and I would hangout and make funny little videos to upload to Youtube. This is where my interest was peaked. Video making was something I wanted to do in my free time. I had my own little editing system on the family computer and I loved watching other Youtubers because they inspired me to make the videos I did. Then in Middle school my mom brought up the e-Communication program. It sounded so sweet because I would be able to do what I loved and also go to school with my brother. I then came to northwest and since i wasn't from a feeder school it was hard, I was brand new. A fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to start over and redesign myself. Middle school wasn't the best for me for many reasons and I was looking forward to bring something i did in my free time to my school education. Over my 4 shorts years here at Olathe Northwest in the e-Communication program I was able to learn a lot about my f…

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Short Film

Musical Connection-

For our short film Musical Connection we chose Thomas Barnes script. The concept behind our short film is that this boy is feeling lost because his dad died earlier that day and he finds comfort in his ability to play musical to the rain. Our process for pre-production was a lot of working together. To begin we worked out kinks like where we would film, who our actors would be, what equipment we would be using, when we would film and how we wanted to express our story. I worked on the call list and what times we would film what and where. During the actual production I took on the role of UPM and basically was the directors main helper. I kept us on track and following schedule. Another role I picked up was assistant camera, by doing so it made getting more shots easier. For post- production we worked on giving feedback to the editor and listening/finding music that would fit well in our short film. Overall my main role was UPM. I learned that it is better to giv…


Concept- My group decided to work on the concept of peer pressure and how it affects individuals. We also focused on how it can make people feel targeted. In our video we focused on an exact individual (The camera) being peer pressured. We focused on the main areas in which kids are pressured today.
Pre-Production- We came up with an idea and once we had settled on the fact that we liked that idea we got to planning. We wrote down what we wanted to show in our video/say. We wrote the script and storyboarded. We talked about things like who was gonna act on certain parts. We also settled on who was gonna do what in our PSA. I was appointed director and was to look over everything.
Production- We took a few class days and we went around the school and filmed our PSA. We mostly used people in our group so it would be easier access. One night Natalie went out on her own time and filmed a part of it. We spent our days editing in class and once that was done we uploaded it to youtube and turn…